Senior Citizen Transportation

Senior Citizen Group Transportation Services

You’re never too old for an adventure, and New York City is a great place to plan your next one! If you’re taking on the Big Apple with a group of seniors, you can trust Easy Charter Bus to make it—well—easy. From extended tours with old friends to day trips with an entire assisted living community, our team can connect you with the perfect bus rental in NYC to suit your needs. Vehicles in our network vary from compact 18-passenger models to full-sized 56-passenger charter buses—with plenty of choices in between. Call 718-502-9983 today and we’ll find the right one for you!

a group of senior citizens consult a map as they walk around New York City

Stress-Free Senior Transportation

New York City may have a robust public transportation system, but for many, traversing the city can still be intimidating. Sure, locals, solo travelers, and able-bodied folks can navigate the subway systems, bus routes, and city blocks with relative ease. But for out-of-towners, senior citizens, and people with mobility concerns, getting around town can be tricky.

That’s where Easy Charter Bus comes in.

We’ll connect your urban adventurers with a safe and reliable transportation plan. Our representatives are always available to assist with your schedule, answer any questions you might have, and be a source of support throughout the reservation process. Every rental we provide includes a well-inspected motorcoach and a professional driver with years of experience. So from the first quote to the final drop-off, your NYC trip is sure to be smooth sailing.

Travel on Your Own Schedule

Booking a personalized bus rental through Easy Charter Bus means you have total control over your group’s itinerary. Your passengers can explore the city as quickly or as slowly as they please without fear of losing your ride. From leisurely long-hauls upstate to hop-on-hop-off tours around Central Park, we’ll stick to the schedule you create so your travelers can explore at their own pace.

Accessible Rides for Everyone

Traveling with wheelchair users? Our team will find your group an ADA-compliant motorcoach for no extra charge—just let us know you need it before you book. Our extensive network means we can locate a ride with nearly anything you might require, including a wheelchair lift, wider aisles, handrails, and plenty of storage to secure your mobility devices.

Comfortable Amenities

Beyond general accessibility, we understand how important it is to keep everyone comfortable and well-cared for. That’s why we offer all the little comforts that make a big difference when you hit the road. Rather than cramming into an overcrowded taxi or passenger van, your travelers can rest their feet in a plush, reclining chair, watch a DVD on personal TV screens, catch up on emails and such over free WiFi, and much more. Just say the word, and we’ll make it happen.

Ongoing Shuttle Services

Looking for something more long-term? We also offer contracts for long-term rentals and recurring trips. In the past we’ve helped all kinds of groups—from tour companies to religious organizations—provide reliable transportation for their members. Just call and let us know the whats, whens, and wheres, and we’ll be more than happy to hash out a deal that works for you.

Reserve Your Ride Today

Whenever you’re ready, reach out and reserve your ride! Our 24/7 team of reservation specialists is always available at 718-502-9983 to offer a free, personalized quote—no strings attached. All you need to book your NYC senior trip is a headcount, an itinerary, and a list of your preferred amenities—we’ll handle the rest!

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